Why I am helplessly in love with Umbria… and why you’ll fall in love, too!

Hello, Maura here!

Today I want to share with you what Umbria really means to me, and why I decided to become a licensed tour guide. I Hope you’ll appreciate this local perspective!

I’ll try to explain in a nutshell why you should visit Umbria in Italy as soon as you can. In this placid region, Beauty is litterally everywhere!

1. Beautiful Landscapes

In Umbria you’ll find gentle hills dotted with colorful vineyards and silver green olive groves. Picturesque villages and completely unspoiled nature. If your idea of “gentle hills” is like Tuscany, so think again. There’s no land like Umbria! Even the two regions are close (and equally beautiful) what makes Umbria unique is its position right in the center of Italy, crossed by the Appenines, with smal valleys that stretches among mountains and hills. It’s also known as the green heart of Italy.

2. History

In Umbria you’ll find architectural jewels, hidden art, enchanted places, ancient ruins dating back to the Romans and also crafts treasures. The region is a top destintion for the one who love Medieval times with the small stone villages perched on hills, the rural churches, majestic fortresses overlooking the wild nature. Moreover, Umbria is where unvaluable historical and art remains lie untouched: precious Giotto frescoes and Raphael works of art, Roman ruins, stunning religious masterpieces and more…

3. Great Hospitality

People here in Umbria will give you a warm welcome, as you unlock their secrets of food, wine and handicrafts. It not unusual to make friends with local people and share some great food and enjoy a glass of fine wine! Plus, you’ll have the chance to meet the “Umbrians” during the hundreds of cultural festivals and historic re-enactment that take place in the region, during the year. Hey, that’s one more reason to visit Umbria.

Spoleto, Umbria

How I’ll let you fall in love with Umbria

I’m thrilled to share with you the most spectacular places of Umbria, the cultural and historical highlights and the artistic beauty.

I’ll take you to discover the scenic, mystical landscape, the picturesque vineyards and the silver green olive groves on the gentle hills of the green heart of Italy.

We will discover the artworks which are jealously hidden by the Franciscan friars in their enchanting churches and you will be revealed the secrets of the ancient handicrafts and traditions.

However you decide to spend your time here in Umbria, you can rest assured that your experience will be authentic, unique and memorable.

Just like true love.

Would you like to explore Umbria with a good travel companion? I would be happy to be your local expert!

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