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Today I want to tell you 5 reasons why you should definitely hire a local tour guide when travelling to Umbria. I hope you’ll appreciate my advice.

I don’t know what kind of traveller you are. Maybe, you’re an adventurous backpacker who whants to challenge himself every day. Or rather a person who prefers to travel in a comfy way and cannot resist getting off the beaten track.

In any case, I think you’d better think about hiring an experienced tour guide when in Umbria.

You probably don’t know much about this region of Italy. And even in case you have already visited Umbria, I am pretty sure you would like to live this land just like a local.

This is what makes the difference between a traveller and a tourist, isn’t it?

It’s true you can find good advice on the internet about top sights in Umbria, must-see landmarks and typical activities. But the truth is that this region still doesn’t have a well-travel tourist trail. Luckily. There are so many hidden gems out there that don’t appear on tourist’s record. Sometimes, they are a secret even for local people!

This region boasts a great concealed potential. Why would you miss the chance to unveil this unvaluable treasure?

Why it’s better to travel with a local tour guide in Umbria

  1. An expert tour guide will help you build your itinerary according to your interests and needs. You’ll get a proper tailor-made tour to best suit your desires!
  2. On site assistance is everything. Especially, when it helps you overcome the language barrier. Your local guide can get your way out at the ticket office, bars, shops…
  3. With a tour guide you get to learn about the history of Umbria. You will have an in-depth understanding of our culture and habits.
  4. You get to see places you can’t otherwise access and do the things that local people do. Like attending traditional events, enjoying unconventional activities, eating in top quality restaurants.
  5. Choosing a local tour guide also means to support local economy, which doesn’t happen with non-Italian operators. Plus, you will get a proper Umbria-style experience: you will travel “outside the box”.

How to choose a local tour guide in Umbria

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First, you need to know that a being a tour guide doesn’t simply mean to accompany people in churches and museums just because you are a “local person”. Professional tour guides have a specific profile. You must pass an exam to get a license and prove to be apte for this role.

This is not a mere detail: when choosing your tour guide in Umbria make sure it is a licensed professional. You can see my license number at the bottom of every page of my website.

Lastly, before you hire a tour guide in Umbria, spend some time to know her/him better. Find out what you can do together, what kind of tour she/he recommends you. This is absolutely useful! You will have a whole picture of her/his offer and be able to make your choise wisely.

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