Years ago, during a private tour in the National Gallery of Umbria in Perugia, I came across a journalist: David Lansing.

He was pretty curious and spent all his time in the Gallery trying to steal information from that private group tour.

He told me he was “in a mission” for the National Geographic Traveler magazine.

After that casual yet thrilling encounter gave me the chance to be Lansing’s Virgil for the days he spent in Perugia.

During our tours, I compared Perugia to a woman, with its generous curves and soft hills. David loved that metaphor. In fact he titled the article after my suggestion: Perugia, the world’s sexiest smallt town.

Here is the article Lansing’s article for National Geographic Traveler, including beautiful photos by Justin Guariglia.

Read about Lansing’s itinerary in Perugia and across Umbria.

Download PDF Version Here

I warmly recommend reading more about David Lansing’s adventure directly on his website:

Here I am with David Lansing. Source: